Hello world!

So, I decided to get into the world of the blogosphere. It’s good for procrastination. Herein, I shall mainly rant and ramble. It’s what I do 😛
But first, intoductions seem appropriate:
Gem, 21, biochemistry student at Aberystwyth University. I’m a geek. I do cross stitch. I even combine the geek and cross stitch, to awesome effect. Pictures shall be posted. You’ve been warned.
I like films, music, books, the usual.
I’m currently living with my boyfriend, who will probably be mentioned some point along the way 🙂
Erm..that’s about it for the moment, I shall try to keep up with the blog, and write better-less stunted, more flowing prose.
First, I need to figure out wordpress and go about prettifying (prettyfying?) the blog.


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