Transgender Day Of Rememberance

Today is the 11th Transgender Day of Rememberance.
A day where we will remember those who have been killed through prejudice, hate, and apathy.
Melissa has a post up at Shakesville, a wonderful, educating post. One that reduced me to tears. Go read it, visit the transgenderdor page. Send it to your friends, family, everyone. And remember.
But then, after remembering, we need to do something to change the current societal environment that means that ‘trans-panic’ is a legitimate legal defence. A society that means that trans people are often marginalised. There are many other people that are more qualifed and articulate than I to talk about this. But I still want to raise this issue, to try and spread awareness.
In the words of Melissa:

[…] we must always be fierce advocates and allies together, so that we may never add a new name on a victims list ever again.


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