So, today I spent from 11-4:30 in the lab, had an hour break, which was nice. Here’s hoping we get nice growth by tomorrow. Hopefully we haven’t fecked lots up. We want E. Coli colonies that have our vectors/expressing our proteins so we can analyse them and have wonderful dissertations.
Please, please let this work. Otherwise I may cry. No, I will cry. Lots. This isn’t even part of my project, technically, so it’s not just me that gets screwed over. Bleugh. I’m also worried about the supervision marks for attitude around the lab. The other guy I’m working with has made a few mistakes, fairly big ones. I tried to make it obvious that it wasn’t me, but still…I might talk to my supervisor and see what he says. I’m not perfect, I’ve made some mistakes – but the lab tech saw me make those mistakes/pointed out what was wrong, so I could correct them. But the same lab tech dressing me down for something I didn’t do does not make me a happy bunny. Bleugh. Hopefully will be able to talk to the supervisor, alone tomorrow.

But! Yay, anniversary, and wine and takeout and star trek! And yay birthday on Sunday and meal out paid for by Mark’s parents who are loverly 🙂


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