I would like a month of my life back, plz

Warning: Whinefest ahead
So, my lab work is vaguely working. This is because my supervisor noticed that the program set up by his PhD student for us to use, was wrong. Wrong. I’ve been using that program for a month, for feck’s sake! Thank you, Ms. PhD. I would like that month’s work of lab time and stress and tears back, please. Ta.
I’m not quite sure how I’m going to justify that in my dissertation-should I have noticed that it was wrong? Is it still partly my fault-and the fault of the guy who’s doing the same stuff as me-for not noticing? I mean, maybe if we get all of the work don, I won’t have to justify it? I need to talk to Dave (my supervisor) tomorrow…ugh.
I’m quite worried about my dissertation in general, I haven’t started it yet, and I feel I should’ve. I’m assuming it’s going to be in the style of a scientific paper, but there’s no guidelines anywhere…do I need to do a lit review? So many questions, asking them will make me feel like a fool, but I need to do so now rather than feck up my project.
Ah well. Hopefully I’ll stop being so whiny after this week.


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