So, I’ve got to write an essay for uni. I’ve narrowed down the list of 4 questions into 2: ‘“Inhibitors are to studies of metabolism, what mutants are to genetic analysis.” Discuss.’ and ‘Describe the molecular basis of a particular disease, and explain how understanding the etiology of the disease has led to the rational development of treatments.’. Now, to me, the latter question is clearly a cop-out. The first question is challenging and potentially quite interesting. But…I can’t get my head around it…I might talk to the guy who set the questions-also my project supervisor and tutor, so I feel comfortable talking to him about stuff. Which is good, I guess. Plus he’s given us an extension, so I can afford to wait til Monday before getting down to writing it. But still, frustrating. I want to do the harder question. I feel I have something to prove, I think. The module this essay is for has knocked my confidence quite a bit, I’ve consistently failed all the maths assignments and tests, the two essays are the only bright spot. I did the harder question last time, so I want to do the same here…hmm…


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