Exams and assignments and oh my!

It’s that time of year again-exams! Luckily I’ve only got two this year, Microbial physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology (yes, that’s one module) and Functional genomics. Up to a point, I’m actually liking revision. The modules were fairly engaging for at least 60% of the time, and this is showing in the revision.

I’ve already passed FG with 47% but need to get at least 60% in everything I do this year in order to get a 2.i degree. I’m quite confident about this exam, have done most of my revision-the final bit will be done on Monday then re-reading stuff for Wednesday.

The other module; Microbial PH, BC, BT, I’m less confident on. I’ve got 10% already, with another assignment to be marked. I’m thinking I did better in the second assignment, so I’m hoping for at least 20-30% going into the exam.

The next big thing is my dissertation. I want to start writing stuff up for it the weekend in between exams and lectures starting. Even if it’s just a bulleted list of things I’ll be including in the various sections,and some lit. review, so I can take it to my tutor and get his feedback on it, it’s better than nothing. I’m quite lucky this semester that I only have 7-ish hours not counting practicals, so have plenty of time to get a good 7500 word dissertation going. However, there is an Issue. The Issue is that my tutor will only look at my diss twice, maybe three times between now and handing it in. He said that to do otherwise would be to have too much influence over the project. That’s fine, I see his point. It’s a good one. However, as far as I can tell, other tutors in the dept. read over whenever the student asks. This is an unfair advantage I feel. The other problem is that I’m not sure what constitutes as a ‘look’. My plan is to get a good bullet point/lit review/reading list together, take it to him and get whatever info I can out of him, and if he counts that as a look, then not go again until I’m almost at the last draft. If it doesn’t-awesome!

I also have an essay due in for the start of February, but that should be fine, I’m re-hashing an old essay with just enough differences to make it not self-plagerisation.


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