Star Trek Circus Conundrum

This. This is epic. Every now and then I’m going to title a post using this. It will be infinitely more brilliant than anything I can come up with.
So, exams are over! And I think I did ok, I passed, most likely. Whether I got enough to get me closer to the 2.i I want to get at the end of my degree? Probably not, but I did well enough. I can work extra extra hard next semester-especially as my timetable is sweet. I have Monday’s off! And very few lectures. This means I can theoretically devote a day to diss/coursework (plus any other time during the week I don’t have lectures and pracs), and still have weekend’s free for getting a job/doing extra reading or lazing around. The prospect is dizzying.
This motivation may not last, but I’m starting out optimistic 🙂
I currently am free until Tuesday. The plan for that time:

  • Cross stitch.
  • Essay
  • Start reading/plan for dissertation
  • Apply for jobs
  • Wii it up
  • Walking and spending awesome time with Mark. That has to wait until tomorrow-he still has an exam.

    To do lists help me a lot. I take an inordinate amount of pleasure from ticking them off. Without my diary and to-do lists, I would fail everything!


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