Assignments and semester 2

Edit: My blog is being spectacularly stupid today. I mean, really now. This is my fifth attempt to edit the stupid thing.

So, last semester as a student at uni. Eeek. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do after uni (well, stick around Aber until Mark finishes uni, but after that/whilst doing that). All I really want to do is be a student 😛 but that’s not really an option, Aber’s not a hub of research, students getting a first class degree have had PhD applications turned down, and I’m sure as all hell not getting a first. A 2.i if I’m lucky. Anyway, I’m gonna stop talking about that before I start hyperventilating.

Got another assignment back, and I did good. Which makes me feel good about the exam. Which was…ok. Maybe.
Two more modules this semester; Gene expression and gene development and Molecular genetics of microbes. The latter is being co-ordinated by a new person. So that could be interesting.
The first one, I’ve only had one lecture in it but it seems really interesting. There’s a signal producing gene in the human body called sonic hedgehog. Awesome.
Coursework is being handed out soon, and there’s a few meetings I need to sort out for next week.

Then there’s my dissertation. What a pain in the ass. Labs are all cockeyed (my spell check recognises thats a word. But not recognised without a ‘z’. Whut?). There were being shut this semester, so I worked like crazy last semester (didn’t get stuff finished due to a tome of errors), but now they’re open. Except they will be shut for a week or so at some point to remove asbestos from the roof, but we can work from now until then. Because working with one mutagen just isn’t enough apparently. But if the building inspectors say it’s safe, then who am I to argue 🙂
My tutor also wants an introduction to the dissertation in by the end of the month. I have no idea what to write, to be quite honest. I’m gonna put a vague plan together and see what he says. Good job I only have 6 lectures a week! The rest of the time is going to be in the lab and writing my diss. Most likely at the same time!


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