Culinary Corner

Today I attempted to make pizza. I ended up using Ciabatta bread mix for the dough, as couldn’t find ordinary white bread mix in the few shops I tried in the town centre. Will have to go to Morrisons to look for some. Things I have learnt: Ciabatta dough is ridiculously sticky. I had an inch deep layer of it cemented to my hands just getting it from the pan to the board. However, it is very effective as a pizza base once on the pizza stone. I cooked the base briefly first. The for the toppings: Passata, red onion, mushrooms, red pepper, sweetcorn, chicken, then cover in cheese. Cook. Nom.
I would’ve took a picture but we were hungry 😛
The best part? We only used half the bread mix and we have leftover topping left for either another pizza or to chuck in with some pasta.

I now have some popcorn covered in melted butter. I’m sure my arteries will forgive me soon.


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