My dissertation has pretty much taken up my entire life. If I’m not in lectures I’m in the lab. If I’m not there, I’m writing my diss, and keeping up with other assignments. My diss is currently at 2,464/7,500. I should be up to 3,000 tomorrow, and then I need to wait until I get some results to discuss. The chances of me getting any decent results are nil at this point-unless a miracle haapens this week. I need to talk to my supervisor about it.
I have to give a talk on my diss, which I’m dreading. I fecked this project up, really. If I’d have checked the PCR program sooner, (admittedly, there were other people around who could also have doen the same) then I would’ve known it was set up wrongly and fixed it sooner, thus giving me more time to work on the other stuff. But that’s all in the past now. I just have to focus on this week, and trying to get a decent first draft of my diss hopefully written before I break up for Easter (roughly two weeks).
Tomorrow I need to: PCR and run out on a gel. Purify PCR. Run on gel again to ensure I’m not fecking up. Transform into E. coli. Plate out and hope for the best. PCR will take ~3 hours, gel ~50mins, purify ~40mins, gel ~50mins, tranformation ~3 hours, then incubate overnight. Not looking forward to 8 hours in the lab, but hopefully the breaks will give me time to write some more diss 🙂 Plus Mark is going to meet me for a bit so that will be good.


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