A perfect quote.

“Do you not think that the problem might come from the very fact that you are angry at us for complaining, rather than angry at your fellow boys and men for this enduring misogyny? Instead of being furious that we point out that many men do act this way – including men these women trust completely – be angry that there are men that will treat your mother, sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend badly purely because they are female. Not only that but they are giving you a bad name, not us.”

Replace men-related stuff with “feminists”, “misogyny” with “bigotry”, and women-related stuff with “[marginalized group]” and it’s the same thing as this.

via Feminist Disavowal Of Cissexism « Genderbitch: Musings of a Trans Chick.

I’ve copied this here just so I can access this easily if/when needed. It’s from comment 3 on that post, and the commenter references genderqueer on tumblr as the source and it’s so perfect. Just a wonderful sentiment.


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