A perfect quote.

“Do you not think that the problem might come from the very fact that you are angry at us for complaining, rather than angry at your fellow boys and men for this enduring misogyny? Instead of being furious that we point out that many men do act this way – including men these women trust completely – be angry that there are men that will treat your mother, sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend badly purely because they are female. Not only that but they are giving you a bad name, not us.”

Replace men-related stuff with “feminists”, “misogyny” with “bigotry”, and women-related stuff with “[marginalized group]” and it’s the same thing as this.

via Feminist Disavowal Of Cissexism « Genderbitch: Musings of a Trans Chick.

I’ve copied this here just so I can access this easily if/when needed. It’s from comment 3 on that post, and the commenter references genderqueer on tumblr as the source and it’s so perfect. Just a wonderful sentiment.


Unemployment and JSA

I’ve been a lazy blogger, I have got a couple of posts percolating and have a new project which I’m going to try and launch proper this week. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve mostly been unemployed since leaving uni. There’s been a couple of fantastic jobs that I’ve been passed over for or have been withdrawn which has been quite depressing. But I keep on, applied for a pharmacy dispensing job today, which would be perfect for me in every way – temporary (finishes March next year), full time, NVQ training. So, fingers crossed for that.

Ramble warning: Death

This has been sitting in my drafts for a while, finally decided to post it.

So, for some unknown reason, I started to comtemplate death this evening. I was doing a silly Facebook quiz, an they asked the: ‘Where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ and my thoughts flicked through my hypothetical life, as you do. And then death came up, because it will. It’s one of the hypotheticals.

I don’t normally think about it, to be honest. What’s the point when there are lots of different beliefs, but no stories of experiences? May as well wait and see. And, I’d rather think about living, it’s quite complicated at times. As the great philosopher Robbie Williams said: I’m not scared of dying, I just don’t want to.
But my mind tried to go there and hit a brick wall. And it felt odd. Trying to comprehend a time where there would be no me…I can’t do it, because I’m trying to imagine a time where, in theory, I won’t be able to imagine anything. Will I be able to feel like what’s it’s like to be dead? The scientist part of me wants to be able to, even just temporarily, even though I won’t be able to tell anyone what it’s like. But that’s the same part that knows it’s probably impossible-once I’m brain dead, I won’t be able to comprehend anything. I certainly won’t be able to process any sensory information.

I’m not sure if I want there to be an afterlife or not. I can only imagine you’d be tired of existing after a while…especially without a body. But the idea of not being also makes me feel slightly queasy. I actually quite like my mind, I like living in it most of the time. The idea of not having it irritates me. But of course, I probably wouldn’t be able to use it if I did have it. And then what is the afterlife, if there is one? Who’s vision? Just what, why? Would I want to live in a utopia? How would it be an utopia if I’ve left people behind, who are living?

I’m too sober for this shit.

Downward facing dog

So, this blog needs posts. And I need to work some things through. I see a plan somewhere. Beware: Will most likely be rambly.


I gained weight over sometime between November and January, mostly around the belly area. This does not come as a shock. I can feel when I gain weight, without any sort of scales to tell me so, it’s just one of those things. Turns out I’ve gained 8lbs, thank you wii fit. Now, I’m a big believer in Health At Every Size, and Fat Acceptance. I try to spread the message to others, and often correct people’s opinions of fat, and fat people.


I would like a month of my life back, plz

Warning: Whinefest ahead
So, my lab work is vaguely working. This is because my supervisor noticed that the program set up by his PhD student for us to use, was wrong. Wrong. I’ve been using that program for a month, for feck’s sake! Thank you, Ms. PhD. I would like that month’s work of lab time and stress and tears back, please. Ta.
I’m not quite sure how I’m going to justify that in my dissertation-should I have noticed that it was wrong? Is it still partly my fault-and the fault of the guy who’s doing the same stuff as me-for not noticing? I mean, maybe if we get all of the work don, I won’t have to justify it? I need to talk to Dave (my supervisor) tomorrow…ugh.
I’m quite worried about my dissertation in general, I haven’t started it yet, and I feel I should’ve. I’m assuming it’s going to be in the style of a scientific paper, but there’s no guidelines anywhere…do I need to do a lit review? So many questions, asking them will make me feel like a fool, but I need to do so now rather than feck up my project.
Ah well. Hopefully I’ll stop being so whiny after this week.

Hello world!

So, I decided to get into the world of the blogosphere. It’s good for procrastination. Herein, I shall mainly rant and ramble. It’s what I do 😛
But first, intoductions seem appropriate:
Gem, 21, biochemistry student at Aberystwyth University. I’m a geek. I do cross stitch. I even combine the geek and cross stitch, to awesome effect. Pictures shall be posted. You’ve been warned.
I like films, music, books, the usual.
I’m currently living with my boyfriend, who will probably be mentioned some point along the way 🙂
Erm..that’s about it for the moment, I shall try to keep up with the blog, and write better-less stunted, more flowing prose.
First, I need to figure out wordpress and go about prettifying (prettyfying?) the blog.