The inevitable Valentine's day post

Its that time of year again! First thing’s first: we do not celebrate it. We see no need to. We are quite happy with this. Second thing: I am a big believer in choice. If you celebrate it, good for you. If you don’t see the issues/think we’re unromantic douchetrucks, that’s fine too. It’s your choice, and I will respect it. I’m just cataloguing and explaining why we don’t celebrate it.

Most people we know know we don’t celebrate it, so don’t bother us with it. The first Valentine’s we were together, Mark got a lot of stick for not getting me anything. Even if he explained that, not only that we didn’t celebrate it, but it was me that first brought up the idea of not wanting to celebrate Val-day (I can’t think of a decent short form of the name other that V Day, which is has lots of uses as it is).
We both have issues with the day, the message it sends, the advertising, the messages the advertising sends, people’s reactions to it (it’s a long list :P)…In this post I shall try to list the issues we have. Hit the jump for the list!