My dissertation has pretty much taken up my entire life. If I’m not in lectures I’m in the lab. If I’m not there, I’m writing my diss, and keeping up with other assignments. My diss is currently at 2,464/7,500. I should be up to 3,000 tomorrow, and then I need to wait until I get some results to discuss. The chances of me getting any decent results are nil at this point-unless a miracle haapens this week. I need to talk to my supervisor about it.
I have to give a talk on my diss, which I’m dreading. I fecked this project up, really. If I’d have checked the PCR program sooner, (admittedly, there were other people around who could also have doen the same) then I would’ve known it was set up wrongly and fixed it sooner, thus giving me more time to work on the other stuff. But that’s all in the past now. I just have to focus on this week, and trying to get a decent first draft of my diss hopefully written before I break up for Easter (roughly two weeks).
Tomorrow I need to: PCR and run out on a gel. Purify PCR. Run on gel again to ensure I’m not fecking up. Transform into E. coli. Plate out and hope for the best. PCR will take ~3 hours, gel ~50mins, purify ~40mins, gel ~50mins, tranformation ~3 hours, then incubate overnight. Not looking forward to 8 hours in the lab, but hopefully the breaks will give me time to write some more diss 🙂 Plus Mark is going to meet me for a bit so that will be good.



Got my exam results today : 60%, 62%, 68%. I’m roughly on course for a 2.1 if I get the same sort of results this semester. Hopefully I’ll put an awesome dissertation together, and that will pull my marks up even more 🙂

Assignments and semester 2

Edit: My blog is being spectacularly stupid today. I mean, really now. This is my fifth attempt to edit the stupid thing.

So, last semester as a student at uni. Eeek. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do after uni (well, stick around Aber until Mark finishes uni, but after that/whilst doing that). All I really want to do is be a student 😛 but that’s not really an option, Aber’s not a hub of research, students getting a first class degree have had PhD applications turned down, and I’m sure as all hell not getting a first. A 2.i if I’m lucky. Anyway, I’m gonna stop talking about that before I start hyperventilating. More

Star Trek Circus Conundrum

This. This is epic. Every now and then I’m going to title a post using this. It will be infinitely more brilliant than anything I can come up with.
So, exams are over! And I think I did ok, I passed, most likely. Whether I got enough to get me closer to the 2.i I want to get at the end of my degree? Probably not, but I did well enough. I can work extra extra hard next semester-especially as my timetable is sweet. I have Monday’s off! And very few lectures. This means I can theoretically devote a day to diss/coursework (plus any other time during the week I don’t have lectures and pracs), and still have weekend’s free for getting a job/doing extra reading or lazing around. The prospect is dizzying.
This motivation may not last, but I’m starting out optimistic 🙂 More

Exams and assignments and oh my!

It’s that time of year again-exams! Luckily I’ve only got two this year, Microbial physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology (yes, that’s one module) and Functional genomics. Up to a point, I’m actually liking revision. The modules were fairly engaging for at least 60% of the time, and this is showing in the revision.



So, I’ve got to write an essay for uni. I’ve narrowed down the list of 4 questions into 2: ‘“Inhibitors are to studies of metabolism, what mutants are to genetic analysis.” Discuss.’ and ‘Describe the molecular basis of a particular disease, and explain how understanding the etiology of the disease has led to the rational development of treatments.’. Now, to me, the latter question is clearly a cop-out. The first question is challenging and potentially quite interesting. But…I can’t get my head around it…I might talk to the guy who set the questions-also my project supervisor and tutor, so I feel comfortable talking to him about stuff. Which is good, I guess. Plus he’s given us an extension, so I can afford to wait til Monday before getting down to writing it. But still, frustrating. I want to do the harder question. I feel I have something to prove, I think. The module this essay is for has knocked my confidence quite a bit, I’ve consistently failed all the maths assignments and tests, the two essays are the only bright spot. I did the harder question last time, so I want to do the same here…hmm…

I would like a month of my life back, plz

Warning: Whinefest ahead
So, my lab work is vaguely working. This is because my supervisor noticed that the program set up by his PhD student for us to use, was wrong. Wrong. I’ve been using that program for a month, for feck’s sake! Thank you, Ms. PhD. I would like that month’s work of lab time and stress and tears back, please. Ta.
I’m not quite sure how I’m going to justify that in my dissertation-should I have noticed that it was wrong? Is it still partly my fault-and the fault of the guy who’s doing the same stuff as me-for not noticing? I mean, maybe if we get all of the work don, I won’t have to justify it? I need to talk to Dave (my supervisor) tomorrow…ugh.
I’m quite worried about my dissertation in general, I haven’t started it yet, and I feel I should’ve. I’m assuming it’s going to be in the style of a scientific paper, but there’s no guidelines anywhere…do I need to do a lit review? So many questions, asking them will make me feel like a fool, but I need to do so now rather than feck up my project.
Ah well. Hopefully I’ll stop being so whiny after this week.

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